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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Features & Options for Louisville, KY and Surrounding Areas!

Maintaining a clean, healthy, warm pool is easier and more affordable than ever with the X-tream Klean™ systems, which provide chemical distribution and heat savings through your choice of four different cleaning systems.

Chemical Distribution

The VCS and X-treme Klean™ systems are unlike conventional circulation systems. Pop-up nozzles on the pool's floor emit a powerful stream of pressurized water - circulating treated, filtered water through every layer of your pool. This 'bottom-to-top' circulation eliminates area below the surface where bacteria and algae grow, reducing the amount of chemicals needed – resulting in dramatic savings on chemical costs.

Heat Savings

The VCS and X-treme Klean™ systems turn your pool into a passive, solar-heated pool – saving energy and extending your swimming season. By circulating solar-heated water from the top of your pool to the bottom, constant temperatures are maintained throughout the pool – eliminating uncomfortable "cold spots" and resulting in as much as 50% savings over convention heaters.


Maintaining a clean, healthy, warm pool is easier and more affordable than ever with Viking Pools and X-tream Klean™ systems, which provide chemical distribution and heat savings through your choice of four cleaning systems.

Viking's Circulation System (VCS)

Includes two nearly-invisible pop-up circulation nozzles in the pool's floor.

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Designed similar to the VCS system with the added benefits of a network of nozzles. This provides additional cleansing power for the entire bottom of the pool, forcing debris towards the active main drain for easy removal.


Extra cleaning heads are also placed in steps and seats for a more complete pool cleaning.


Cleaning heads are located on the floor, steps and seats. In addition, a debris canister is located next to the skimmer to catch large debris.



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